uValid for ATM4 NASA LIDAR

More modern LIDAR processing stuff


This is the last iteration of the uValid software written before the ATM project was axed by NASA.  The raw data can (mostly) be processed with this code.

It uses Python and Cython to work.  Of course it's not straightforward, but for posterity I am posting it here.

uValid for ATM4 NASA LIDAR
Status: Archived
Updated: December 24th 2019

Tagged: LIDAR, Sensing


I spent a bit of time on this one, and it is not that different than the C++ code I wrote before, really.  This version is mostly python, and does not have the plug-in interface that cvalid had that I had hoped would get other scientists into finding new things to do with our data, with applying new processing algorithms.  Sometimes management is short-sighted, I guess.

The thing is – the data format is completely different in the most modern ATM format (which is what uValid processes), so it must be handled differently than the older “cvalid”.  Only uValid can handle this format.

So: uValid is a different animal, and I am happy to publish this.

It uses “cython” to speed things up in the computation intensive areas, and believe me – it’s necessary.  Python is kinda slow relatively speaking, so using cython help certainly helps speed up processing.