ATM - cvalid

Totally obsolete, so beware


This is an old project that was made obsolete after implementing a bunch of improvements for the NASA ATM LIDAR.

This could possibly be used to process ATM software that uses older ATM3 and prior file formats, which have been superseded by ATM4 and further formats.  However, if you are unlucky enough to need to process raw ATM3 and older files, this might be useful.  It's a mess of non-production code that probably shouldn't be read by anyone. 
ATM – cvalid
Status: Archived
Updated: December 20th 2019

Tagged: LIDAR, Sensing


It was for processing ATM3 data, which is now outdated.  There is probably some ATM3 data out there (that is probably unreadable because nobody knows the format).  This is a sort of record of what it was, and how to decipher it.

The ATM3 was an early version of what ended up being the last ATM of the series (which was version 4 of the Airborne Topographic Mapper) being used at NASA – Wallops Island, VA.  I was the main designer of the data system that collected the actual data, as well as the processing of the data.  I am posting the code for posterity and hopefully someone can look back on the data and figure out how process it.

This is a PDF that describes how to write a plug-in to calculate the range measurement using any method desired: cvalid_plugin.pdf 

Here is the HTML version of the code description:  cvalid_html 

And last of all, the actual cvalid code itself: Download here: cvalid.tar.