How to steer a Plane

make a plane fly places


Ever wanted to fly a plane from the seat of you pants?  Or maybe, from your laptop?  This is one method that I used to carefully steer a plane via the ILS to meet our needs.  I was not the only author of the code, just the interfacing to the plane / PC parts.

Yes, this means you can control a plane from the cabin.  With the appropriate conditions and approvals, that is.

How does it work?

Easy!  Just pretend to be a runway, and have the autopilot on in the plane.  It will lock in to your signal, and you can guide the plane to the fake runway any way you want.  Of course, you will have to have all of the prerequisites set up.
How to steer a Plane
Status: Completed
Updated: November 1st 2019

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Airborne Data Collection

For many years, airborne data collection has been an important part of the planetary and earth sciences. Since the late 1980’s, scientists at NASA have been monitoring the changes in ice mass at the extremities of the earth using data collected from airborne systems. Before this type of data collection, changes in ice mass were determined using ground measurements as well as satellite photos.

One primary recognized advantage of airborne data collection was the ability to cover large areas efficiently and  economically. This led to the advancement of earth-observational sensors and the particular interest in sensors fitted to aircraft. In 1987, NASA showed that ground measurements were able to be made within an accuracy of +/- 10cm over the Greenland ice sheet, and later sub-decimeter measurements were proven using more complex techniques.

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