OIB ATM sitrep Nov 7, 2016 pm


OIB completed the Dotson-Crosson mission today, with most OIB remote sensing instruments performing well. However the ATM T6 wide scan lidar suffered a failure of the laser coolant temperature controller during the inbound transit to Dotson-Crosson. The mission continued with the ATM T5 narrow scan lidar successfully collecting the critical surface elevation data over science targets.  The ATM team will attempt replacement of the T6 laser coolant controller tonight, and evaluate any impact of the failure on the T6 lidar system.
Assuming successful repair of the ATM, and good weather, we’ll attempt another OIB mission tomorrow.

Wide view of today’s mission
Detailed view of the flightiness over Dotson-Crosson.

The ATM T5 narrow scan elevation map over the Punta Arenas ATM calibration vehicle survey area (white outline).  The ATM T5 passed over an Ilyushin Il-76 IL76 just north of the ramp, and the aircraft outline and its tail (see below image from wikipedia) are evident in the plot. 
ATM T5 lidar elevation as the DC8 passed over one of the glaciers today. The calving front and crevasses (right side about 400 to 500 seconds)) is about 60 meters above the water surface (left side 0 to 400 seconds)
The ATM T5 narrow scan elevation map over the calving front shown in cross section above..



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