OIB ATM sitrep Nov 2, 2016 pm

A successful Hull-Land 03 mission was flown today, under favorable weather conditions at the target science site. 
The OIB science instruments generally performed well, with the MCoRDS reporting a minor data gap due to a communication issue during the low altitude data collection. The ATM lidars and various cameras including DMS had clear conditions with just a short section of blowing snow on the west end of the two coastal data lines. Additional ATM T5 data was collected at high altitude (33,000′ to 38,000′ AGL) on the approach and departure to the Hull Land science target site. ATM continues to have Applanix attitude issues, but backup attitude data was taken.
The Antarctic weather conditions appear to be improving, so OIB hopes to fly several more missions through the weekend.
DC8 real time flight map showing the today’s flight

Blowing snow occurring toward the west end of today’s data lines.

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