OIB ATM sitrep Nov 15, 2016 am


OIB will fly the Hamilton Line East today.

Today’s mission has been renamed from “Pole Hole 88 East” to “Hamilton Line East” and is dedicated to the memory of Gordon Hamilton, a colleague and a prominent climate scientist who studied glaciers and their impact on sea levels in a warming climate, who died on October 22, 2016 in Antarctica.

This flight is a new design, and its purpose is to sample the surface topography at the southern apex of half of all planned IceSat-II orbits. Specifically this flight samples the ground tracks on the east Antarctic plateau side of the Pole. In this way, we can provide “ground truth” for every IceSat-II orbit with just two flights, including Pole Hole 88 West as well as this one. The vertical stability of the surface must also be quantified for this approach to succeed, and this flight provides a baseline measurement for this purpose.

Flight Priority: low (multi-year repeat flight)
Science Requirements Addressed: IS1,IS2,IS3,IS4,IS5,IS6,IS15 Spacecraft Tracks: samples half of all IceSat-2 tracks
Last Flown: 2014
Remaining Design Issues: none

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