OIB ATM sitrep March 8, 2017

Today OIB made preparations for beginning our OIB science missions at Thule. 
We worked in a nice warm hangar (outside temperatures remained in the -35 to -40 degree F range). The P3 aircraft cargo was unloaded, and the science teams prepared and tested our remote sensing instruments, and data processing ground stations. The aircrew inspected and readied NASA 426 for science flights.
We’re all eager to begin, and have several potential missions available tomorrow, depending on the weather situation in the morning.

Our ATM GPS base station location near North Star Bay on Thule Air Force Base, Greenland

Our ATM GPS base station antenna being set up by Kyle Krabill in -35 degree temperatures yesterday afternoon
The noon sun at Thule.
A panoramic image of Thule with Dundas Mountain at mid left

The 5:30 pm OIB science briefing in the North Star Inn second floor lobby, where we discuss tomorrow’s plans.

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