OIB ATM sitrep March 31, 2017 am

OIB will wrap up the week by attempting the ” Alexander-Petermann 01″ mission (slightly modified to accommodate Thule Friday airport hours) today. We welcome the new aircrew and science team who rotated up yesterday, and thank those are returning home on the rotator today.

A nice example of the ATM and FLIR data from a sea ice mission attached below.

A look at the new ATM T6 wide scan lidar elevation data (higher density and better accuracy due to improvements in the data system (high bandwidth) and a new laser (narrow pulse and higher rep rate)), and the FLIR thermal image over a sea ice lead from March 10, 2017 earlier in this deployment. Both sensors have not had final calibrations applied yet. (fast data processing via ATM team,  Matt Linkswiler and Robbie Russell).

The two images overlaid together.

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