OIB ATM sitrep April 7, 2017 pm

We had a great mission day today, covering some previously flown land ice lines in Svalbard, transitioning to sea ice for the Zig Zag East science lines, mopping up some land ice lines over Greenland we were unable to complete last Friday due to short Friday Thule hours, and finally a 2000′ ramp pass over the Thule ramp calibration site.
All OIB instruments reported successful data collection today.
We will not fly tomorrow, some aircraft and instrument maintenance work will occur, and Sunday will be a well earned “hard down” rest day.
Next OIB science mission op will be Monday.
Another great week for OIB!
The polar bear in the lobby of the Raddison Hotel in Longyearbyrn
Today’s flight track
Svalbard scenery
Svalbard scenery
Svalbard scenery
Svalbard scenery
Sea ice photos below



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