OIB ATM sitrep April 6, 2017 pm

We completed the Svalbard South sea ice mission today, greatly expanding our IceBridge data into the eastern Arctic Ocean. There were some hazy patches on the low level southern outbound leg, and we climbed to altitude on the northern leg to conserve fuel and battle headwinds today. All OIB se ice remote sensing instruments collected data at low level, and the ATM, DMS and FLIR collected data on the return high altitude leg. 
On both departing and returning to Longyearbyen, we collected data on previously flown Svalbard land ice flight lines, which should provide interesting elevation change measurements. 
We plan to fly a science and transit mission to re-locate operations  back to Thule Greenland tomorrow morning, the exact mission will depend on the weather tomorrow.
our flight lines today

John Sonntag walking to the P3 in very windy and blowing snow conditions, as the aircrew preflights and fuels the NASA P3
And sea ice images below

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