OIB ATM sitrep April 11, 2017 pm

OIB completed the CryoVex Sea Ice mission today, with most of the mission is near blue skies, with portions of the northern sections is some thin haze and clouds that did not significantly impact optical ATM and DMS data collection. All instruments reported good data collections today. The P3 overflew a CryoVex Science Team Twin Otter aircraft which had landed on the sea ice to make surface measurements 80 miles north of Alert, and continued inbound over an additional sea ice sampling site just offshore of Alert.
We’ll attempt another IceBridge mission tomorrow, weather permitting.
Today’s flight lines

The next 4 images are from over overflight of the Canadian “Alert” base on our return leg. If you’re sharp eyed, you can see a dark C17 aircraft and shadow in the bottom center of the first two images, as the C17 landed a few minutes before our flyover. (images courtesy of the P3 aircraft data system and Richard Mitchell’s “rapid grab” program).

And a collection of sea ice photos is below, for those with sea ice science interest.

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