OIB ATM Sitrep 7/17/16 PM


 Today we successfully completed “Helheim-Kangerdlugsuuaq Gap B”, collecting data for approximately 95% of the intended flight lines.  We knew that there would be an area of clouds on the way to the east coast, so it came as no surprise.

 The winds were calm most of the day, and we did not encounter any clouds/fog while on station.  Again, this was on the rugged eastern side of Greenland, so there was a lot to see scenery-wise.

 I’ve attached a plot of the calving front of a glacier with its location, and a few pictures from the flight today.  Tomorrow we plan another 7am show and 9am takeoff and we’re pretty confident that we will find areas of good weather that will allow us to fly.

 Until then,



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