OIB ATM sitrep 4/6/18 pm

Another successful OIB flight, the Laxon Line sea ice mission was completed today.  For the most part, weather along this long mission line was clear, only a short segment of low clouds/haze was encountered which did not impact the OIB sea ice remote sensing instruments on board. All OIB instruments reported good data collection.

With this mission, we moved our base of operation to Fairbanks Alaska for the next couple of missions. Weather does look promising for a mission tomorrow.
An assortment of sea ice and other photos below.
Our flight path today
Sea ice early in the mission
Sea ice early in the mission
Sea ice late in the mission
Sea ice late in the mission
Matt Linkswiler, Jeremy Harbeck, and Joe MacGregor looking at sea ice data.
The Brooks Mountain range as we traveled to Fairbanks
The Brooks

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