OIB ATM Sitrep 4/21/18

Hello all!

 Today we flew a very successful and beautiful flight along the east coast of Greenland, “Geikie 2”.  The views were spectacular and our instruments worked without any issues all day.

 Aside from the spectacular scenery, we spotted one polar bear and quite a few bear footprints in the snow – stretching for miles and miles.  Overall, the weather was even better than expected and we had 100% coverage during the course of the day.

 While it’s hard to show in pictures – well, impossible – the area near the coast is quite amazing to see.  I’ve attached a few pictures anyway for your enjoyment and our flight plan.

 All photos credited to Alexey Chibisov with the exception of “reflection”, which was taken by Linette Boisvert.


pdf icon Geikie_02.pdf

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