OIB ATM sitrep 4/19/18 pm

OIB successfully completed the remaining Thule baseline mission today, flying the land ice “”Northwest Coastal A” in sunny and blue sky conditions. All OIB remote sensing instruments reported good data collection. 

The first 15 of the 16 attached photos were taken on the initial southbound leg, along the coast. The scenery was spectacular on that initial leg.
Tomorrow the plan is to relocate our OIB base of operations to Kangerlussuaq in south Greenland. Tomorrow will be simple transit mission, no science. The OIB team will set up ground stations and prepare to resume science missions on Saturday.
Today’s flight track
Forward camera view on take off this morning

A view west from the second leg, looking down the centerline off one the glaciers.
ATM T6 wide scan elevation data plot as we flew over on of the calving fronts of a glacier on the west coast
An animated gif of the ATM T6 wide scan data

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