OIB ATM sitrep 4/16/18 pm

OIB completed the sea ice South Basin Transect mission and re-positioned our operations back to Thule Greenland today.

The weather was very good for this mission covering such a wide region, with only a couple of very brief patches of low ice fog. Naturally with the early morning takeoff, the visible cameras were hampered by darkness very early in the mission line, but the P3 rapidly flew into the daylight and all OIB sea ice remote sensing instruments acquired good data.
At the end of the science lines, we passed by the Canadian military base Alert on our way to Thule. We also acquired calibration data with a 1300′ pass over the ramp at Thule.
Tomorrow is a hard down day as required due to the long eastbound mission today and time zone changes.
Our flight track today
Sea ice pre dawn
Sea ice at dawn
Sea ice later in the day
Sea ice later in the day
Approaching Alert
The sea ice view out the aft right side bubble window
 Canadian military base Alert as we passed overhead

ATM T6 wide scan elevation plot of sea ice showing data density with 10KHz laser
Detail of ATM T6 wide scan elevation plot of sea ice
Detail of detail of ATM T6 wide scan elevation plot of sea ice

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