OIB ATM sitrep 10/13/18 pm

The OIB team flew our fourth mission in a row today, successfully completing the land ice “South Peninsula -IS2” mission. The weather matched the morning satellite images, clear sunny skies, and really only very light turbulence near some Antarctic Peninsula mountains. The Antarctic Peninsula missions have great scenery with multiple glaciers, contrasting mountains, and sea ice and glaciers. As our “commute” to the science targets was short today (only two hours one-way) we spent over 6 hours taking science data. All OIB remote sensing instruments reported good data collection today.

CBS returned for a second flight today taking advantage of the Antarctic Peninsula scenery for additional video material.
Tomorrow is a “hard down” day for folks to enjoy some (well earned) rest and recover. Next sitrep will be Monday.
Assorted imagery below.
Large view of today’s flight track

Detail of today’s flight lines
Rainbow over NASA 817 on taxiway echo this morning (photo by Linette Boisvert)
CBS interviewing OIB Project Scientist Dr Joe MacGregor onboard the DC8 today.

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