OIB ATM sit rep Nov 9, 2016 pm


OIB completed a successful “IceSat 2 WAIS Ice Core” mission today. Weather was good with only two short patches of clouds (one early in the flight lines and the second patch just before we overflew the Thwaites Glacier Tongue).   All OIB remote sensing instruments reported good data collection.
If the weather will allow, we’ll attempt another mission tomorrow.
Wide view of our flight lines today
Detailed view of our flight lines today

For much of the day, the view was of only the vast expanse of ice.
Unusual shadows from clouds over the DC8; actually the surface was clear
Breaking out of a cloud patch over the Thwaites Glacier tongue
Broken Ice on the Thwaites Glacier Tongue
Broken Ice on the Thwaites Glacier Tongue
Icebergs trapped in seat ice
Icebergs breaking free from Thwaites Glacier Tongue
Assorted ATM T6 wide scan lidar elevation plots below, all of the Thwaites Glacier Ice Tongue.
Clouds during the first few seconds of this plot over the Thwaites Ice Tongue , then we passed over 

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