OIB ATM sitrep April 19, 2017 pm

OIB completed the “South Canada Basin” sea ice mission today in mostly clear conditions with a bit of low clouds on the south end of each data line. Clouds also prevented a calibration ramp over flight here at Thule. This was the final sea ice mission and also our last Thule science flight. 
ATM science and aircraft cargo are being loaded onto the NASA P3 and an AMC C130J cargo aircraft. Both aircraft will depart Thule tomorrow morning and fly to Kangerlussuaq, our cargo will be unloaded from the C130J, (which will continue back to the USA) and the NASA P3 will base remaining OIB science ops from Kanger. 
Today’s flight track
And sea ice photos for those fans:

Ellesmere Island on the return to Thule.

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