OIB ATM Sitrep 5/3/2018

Today we attempted to fly a science flight, but there really were not any reasonable options left because of bad weather everywhere.  We were aware that this might be the case, so everyone was prepared to return early if we couldn’t fly here today (our original plan was to leave tomorrow, with today being a possible science flight/packing).

The P3 just landed at Dover AFB and will continue on to PAX River and then Wallops after clearing customs in Dover.

The last couple of weeks have been very productive, which I am sure that everyone on the team is proud of.  We were hoping to get one last flight in, but in the end weather did us in (which is very common here this time of year).  Despite the setbacks in the beginning of the deployment, this has ended up being a very successful campaign.

This will be my last sitrep – thanks for following us!


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