OIB ATM sitrep 4/7/18 pm

OIB completed the “Sea Ice North Beaufort Loop” mission today. The weather was generally very good over a majority of the flight lines, with a few patches of low clouds/haze infrequently scattered over the second half of the flight, and increasing low cloud/ fog over the last 20 minutes that required a slight descent to continue data collection to the end point. All OIB sea ice remote sensing instruments reported good data data collection.
We’ll attempt to fly another mission tomorrow, weather looks promising.
Also FYI, one of the NBC Today Show teams flew with us on our April 5 Thule IceSat 2 North mission, and Today will present a segment covering the NASA IceBridge project on Monday April 9.
Our flight track today.
The OIB team this morning (photo by Jeremy Harbeck)
ATM T6 wide scan elevation data plot over sea ice
ATM T6 wide scan elevation data plot over sea ice

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