OIB ATM Sitrep 4/24 and 4/23

Yesterday (Sunday) and today we flew missions on the West and East coasts respectively.  On Sunday we flew “Southwest Coastal A” and today we flew “East Glaciers 01”. 

On Sunday we were delayed by local fog which would have caused us to arrive later than usual if we had flow the entire mission.  We were eventually able to take off around noon when the fog started dissipating.  Unfortunately, we had to cut the mission short due to clouds at the southern part of Greenland, but we still got the majority of the data lines.  The flight went well, and because we arrived back here  earlier than planned, we did not have to delay today as long as we initially thought.

 Today we had a delayed startup and took off around 10:30 to fly to the opposite coast, where we had the opportunity to fly through some amazing valleys below the peaks of the surrounding mountains.  The weather was beautiful and clear and we had no issues with instruments.

 Tomorrow is a hard down day, so everyone will get to take a much needed rest and possibly plan some outdoor excursions.  Our normal schedule will resume on Wednesday.

 I’ve attached some scenic pictures like usual. 

 Until Wednesday,


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