OIB ATM sitrep 4/18/18 pm

A successful land ice mission “Zachariæ-79North” was flown today, in very good weather and with all OIB remote sensing instruments reporting good data collection.
We’re tracking the weather both locally and over Greenland and will select the appropriate mission tomorrow morning.
Our flight track today
Flying onto the ice cap near Thule
A frozen melt pond near Zachariae Glacier
Icebergs near Zachariae Glacier 
Icebergs off the calving front of Zachariae Glacier 
Flow channels on 79 North Glacier 
Flow channel for melt water on 79N Glacier 
Crevasses on 79 N Glacier 
Fractured glacier ice on 79N Glacier 
Side wall of Zachariae Glacier
Icebergs near Zachariae  Glacier

ATM T7 wide scan elevation map of Zachariae Glacier and iceberg .
An animated view of the 79N calving front from ATM T6 wide scan data

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