OIB ATM sitrep 4/13/18

An update on our status. The NASA P3 aircraft parts and tools needed for returning to flying status are here in Fairbanks and the NASA aircrew is working on the P3 today. It’s hoped that a check flight can be flown tomorrow, and perhaps we can return to flying science missions on Sunday evening or Monday (return science mission to Thule Greenland).
In the meantime, science teams are working on data and other tasks, and taking advantage of our time in Fairbanks. Some folks went hiking, others skiing/snowboarding, and some evening meals and campfires were arranged.
NASA 426 under the Northern Lights (photo by Jeremy Harbeck)
Panoramic View from Angel Rocks 40 miles from Fairbanks.
The trail to Angel Rocks
View from Ski Land north of Fairbanks
Campfire in the snow

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