OIB ATM sitrep 4/1/18

The OIB science teams have been patiently waiting for the return of the NASA P3 aircraft from Wallops Island VA. We understand the aircraft repairs have been completed and the P3 will return to Thule tomorrow afternoon. We look forward to resuming OIB science missions on Tuesday if possible.
In the meantime, this weekend Thule Air Base celebrated Armed Forces Day in Thule fashion. The traditional dog sled race was held yesterday afternoon, there were special dining meals, a Inuit craft show was held this afternoon, and there is a Arctic athletic skills competition at the gym today (snow show race, dog sled jump, high kick, etc)
We’ve had periods of light snow all weekend, with temperatures just above 0F, and it’s now sunny and clearing.
Walking down to the dogsled start/finish line on the North Star Bay sea ice. The crowd at the start/finish line is in the distance.
Some NASA OIB folks gathered at the start/finish line.

A dog sled team and driver heading to the start.

One team finishing, with Mt Dundas in the background.
A crowd gathered outside the Thule Community Center waiting for the craft show to open this afternoon.
Some of the Inuit crafts available for sale


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