ATM OIB Sitrep 7/26/2017

Today we were hoping for a chance at one last flight, but as it turns out the weather was not looking good here in Thule for landing back here later at the end of the flight.  The team from Langley has packed up and is prepared to leave, as the weather won’t improve much in the upcoming days and it would make sense for them to leave now if they can.  That kind of indicates that the rest of us might have issues leaving on Friday, but we have a lot of time to evaluate the weather and wait.  Based on prior experience, it is very unlikely that any of us will miss the trip on the rotator back home.

Not exactly the best ending ever, but we did accomplish 100% of the flights we intended to! We were shooting for that 110% or more if at all possible, but it didn’t work out that way.

 Until the next deployment,


 P.S. If I happen upon any interesting photos in the next couple of days, I will forward them here!

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