ATM OIB Sitrep 7/25/2017

Today we managed to pull off two flights – the first being “Greeley North” and the second being “Convergence West 2”.  The weather for both flights was basically perfect, so yet again we had another great flight day!  I have attached the two flight plans to this email.  It is worth noting that the Convergence flight is a follow-up to the first flight we did here, which involved tracking the original ice we surveyed and measuring it again today in its current position.

 I’ve also attached a picture from over Ellesmere Island, as well as a couple of sea ice pictures from today and a glacier picture from just outside of the base here in Thule around 10pm last night.  You don’t have to go far from the base to find pretty views, but the mosquitoes are sort of ridiculous this time of year…

 Tomorrow we may attempt another flight, but weather could be an issue – we will find out early in the AM.

 Until then,


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