ATM OIB Sitrep 10/20/2016


 Today we flew “Land Ice – Getz A”.  I’ve attached a flight plan for today’s flight (my email from this morning did not go out, sorry about that).

 As with the flights we have done up until now, today consisted of another long transit out and back to the target area.  It was a bit windy which led to a bumpier-than-usual flight at times.  At the western end of the flight lines we encountered clouds that obscured the surface from the ATMs and cameras (Cambot, DMS) for a period of time, which was not totally unexpected.

 We encountered an issue with one of the components used by the ATMs, our Applanix POS AV (used as an inertial reference).  We have redundant components in place as backups, but we decided to replace a part after landing that we hope fixes the problem.  Unfortunately, I do not have any data plots to send out because of that failure in-flight.

 Tomorrow we will attempt another flight after looking at weather in the morning.



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