ATM OIB Sitrep 10/15/2016


Today we completed “Foundation-Support Force 34” flight amid clear weather for the entirety of the data collection portion of the lines.

 Tomorrow we will have a “hard down” day, which had to be scheduled for either tomorrow or Monday.  The potential for a flight seems to be better for Monday, so we will take tomorrow off and meet tomorrow evening (Sunday) to discuss our options for Monday.

 So far our instruments seem to be working as expected and we had 100% coverage today.

 I’ve attached some plots of our data (ATM) from yesterday and today (credit: ATM/NASA/Matt Linkswiler).  They are:

 1)      A plot of ATM Lidar data next to our FLIR thermal data

2)      A ramp pass from today showing both the wide and narrow scanners, along with an outline of our ramp pass survey area

3)      An overview of some of the data collected today over our data lines

 Until Monday,


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