ATM OIB Sitrep 10/13/2016


Today we unloaded the plane and set up the GPS station, among other things.  We got most of the cargo unloaded between 7-8am and proceeded to set things up.

It was snowing as we unloaded, and colder than I expected (why did I not bring gloves?).  In the end, things worked out as planned for unloading.

 We had one small problem with a water leak through the plane fuselage over the ATM racks as the plane warmed up (due to a leaky seal on the plane), but fortunately it was caught right at the time things warmed up in the morning.  My impression is that it has not had any significant impact that we know of yet, but we do not know how long it was leaking.  We plan to improvise any mitigation strategies (as we did today, comprising of waterproof covering of our racks and warming the affected units) during out tests.  We do not know when this will be fixed, so we will have to prepare for it.

There was another issue with one of the radars that might impact tomorrow’s flight performance, but we will wait and see how that works out.  They are fully prepared to make any necessary changes tomorrow so that we can fly.

Our plan is to (like always) show up in the morning, see what the weather shows, and hopefully head out!


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