ATM IceBridge Sitrep 04/29/2017

Today we flew the baseline-priority mission, Thomas-Jakobshavn 01.  We were lucky to finally get the opportunity to fly a mission in clear skies in the western portion of Greenland.  This mission focuses on Jakobshavn glacier, one of the most important glaciers in Greenland due to the large amount of ice it discharges.  Luckily for us, it is also very close to our base of operations in Kangerlussuaq, which allows us to efficiently dedicate a large portion of flight hours to survey it.  The survey today was very successful with all instruments reporting successful data collection over the flight lines.
Attached are a couple plots of the calving front, and a screenshot from the forward camera of the calving front.
We have concluded science flights for this week and will take a down-day tomorrow to recharge.  We will attempt our next flight Monday morning.


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