ATM IceBridge Sitrep 04/26/2017

Today we flew the mission, Devon-Bylot.  Southern Greenland was again widely covered in clouds today, preventing us from flying any of the missions we had planned.  However, our fearless flight planner, John Sonntag, created a new flight over the Canadian targets of Devon and Bylot Islands.  This flight picks up lines over Devon Island from a medium-priority flight that was not flown from Thule this year, plus two lines over Bylot Island that were previously flown in 2011.  The weather over the land ice targets was clear, and there were even some open sections of sea ice during the transit legs.

The weather is forecast to improve by Friday, but we are still optimistic that we may be able to find a mission to fly tomorrow in the meantime.
Below are some screenshots from the forward camera, and a data plot of some deformed ice near the coast of Bylot Island.


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